Monday, September 28, 2009

This is Eisley

As if turning one wasn't recent enough, she's almost 14 months now!

She's morphing into a little girl before our eyes. Like magic.

In the mornings she likes to eat scrambled eggs {her favorite} and then likes for us to put on Yo Gabba Gabba {also her favorite}, lower her high chair, and she climbs in and out of it while the show runs.

Eisley delighted us last month when she started rolling her arms around each other without having to be taught. It's her own little dance. We've also been able to teach her to blow kisses and give a high five {although she usually refuses to do it when put on the spot before others, making us out to be liars...}

She chats and babbles. She smiles at everyone. She loves to play with piano and softly plunks at the keys, sometimes even trying to copy my rhythm when I play a one-finger tune to inspire her.

In a room full of kids, say 19 girls and 1 boy, she will find that one boy and follow him around attempting to win him over with smiles and curious finger pointing. Yep, she's boy crazy. Watch out, Justin.

She is scared of play dough. Doesn't like the texture I think. And, no, I don't just mean that she doesn't like play dough. She actually runs from it.

Speaking of running, we're on our way. Daddy likes to chase her. See for yourself, and don't mind the mess, this is a typical Paris Street week mess for us:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eisley, according to September.

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