Sunday, April 26, 2009

{ Miss. Piggy Pie }

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Piano Baby

Justin's mom bought us an old antique piano a few years ago. When she asked us if we wanted it at first I thought yes but too bad we don't play. But my second thought was it would be nice to have for the kids someday. I want our kids to have piano lessons. I know a lot of adults who regret not learning this skill as a child - myself included.
Eisley will learn.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I've toyed with the idea of posting about my plants, and since it's Earth Day today, I thought why not?

I've never been much of a green thumb. Actually have always had more of a black thumb, I tend to kill my plants. But this year I'm trying to be more "green", and I'm planning on starting a garden in the backyard, right outside from my kitchen.

I want to grow edibles, so a few weeks ago Justin and I bought some seeds and planters at the Dollar Tree and I've been really working hard to keep some baby plants alive. I'm doing kitchen herbs and starter pods of vegetables.

Sweet Basil is coming in nice and thick! Since this picture was taken I've thinned the pot down a lot.
Parsley also came in very well too.
Rosemary has been pretty stubborn... with the first little sprout just showing up in the past few days.
This is lettuce. It came in WAY fast and WAY thick.
From the picture I have no idea what this is... either cucumber (the little sprouts of cucumber already smell like a real cucumber) or green peppers. Not sure.
And I've been doing really well with the hydrangea Justin bought be a couple months ago. This plant can't go outdoors because they don't do well in CO weather and it has to be watered a lot.
This little guy is a hydrangea Justin bought me last year that I pretty much killed, but I've been watering it anyway and look! It's coming back! It already has a few tiny pink flowers.
Sideways pic (sorry, lazy this morning) of the birds nest on our porch. The little finches have come back. Yay!
And I'm also proud of myself for not killing this Christmas poinsettia (yet). Did you know that it's a myth that poinsettias are poisonous? Yeah... I learned that last week when I realized Eisley had gotten a hold of a tiny (dried and dead) leaf that was on the floor during one of her crawling excursions. I flipped and decided to Google before calling poison control and was completely relieved to read on that poinsettias are actually harmless. To pets and children. Nice.

Happy Earth Day!

Miss California: my new hero

I'm not trying to start a debate here, but I just have to say, Miss California is my new hero. She stuck to her guns under HUGE pressure. I think it was incredibly unfair to give the poor girl a completely loaded questions - no matter which way she answered she would have upset people. This is a touchy topic in this country right now.

My opinion - I don't care whether two gay men living together are able to get the same tax and social benefits as my husband and I. However, to me marriage is a religious sacrament that I believe God intended to be between a man and woman only.

Finally, I adore the level of class and poise she exhibited. Whether you agree with her or not you have to admit she made her opinion known in a much more respectful way than Mr. CRASS P. Hilton who just offended millions of women by using the "c" word. For shame!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winter Finally Comes

We've had the most mild winter in my life this year - 70 degree days, cloudless skies, I busted out the flip flops weeks ago - until yesterday when it started dumping. Since then we've gotten 2 feet down here in Castle Rock. Bummer. I feel totally housebound, and Eisley is full of energy and demanding to be entertained. At least she's a happy baby...I can't wait til we can get out of the house and go look at fun books at Barnes & Noble or something...
There's a raised deck under there, people, I swear.
There's no taking my 240 out in this mess, it's rear-wheel-drive sports car skills couldn't get me one block.
So we're just staying in. Waiting for spring...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks Tip Junkie...

I was featured {again} on the Tip Junkie Blog. Thanks Tip Junkie! I love you too!

On Motherhood

This is my first mobile post ever. I sit here in my car, in the Hobby Lobby parking lot waiting to go buy craft supplies for A Paris Street Market. There is sure to be many typos and misspellings since I am on my Google phone's tiny keyboard.

I'm waiting for Eis to stpo napping, as I know if I got her up right now she'd be a fuss budget in the store. Sitting here I started thinking about how up until 8 months ago, my life revolved around just ME. I would have never have had to sit for an hour in the car to avoid a crying spell in a store. That's just one of those things about motherhood. I've been sitting here thinking about motherhood. How wonderful it is. How very very challenging it is (and I'm just on #1!).

Motherhood means a whole half of my purse is now the grave of a bag full of cheerios that spilled.

Motherhood means that I put a tiny shoe back on a tiny foot 10 times within the 5 minutes prior to leaving the house this morning.

Motherhood means that I dont't just put on makeup and do my hair in the morning, I put on make up and do my hair while singing to and cheering up a baby.

Motherhood meansthat I'm going crazy in little ways. Like yesterday when Justin caught me making "boo" faces at the cat somehow under the impression that I could make her giggle... only works on babies, I try and remember.

Motherhood means I feel guilty for everything I don't do.

Motherhood means I feel guilty for everything I do do.

Motherhood means your day will nearly never again be scheduled around your own needs, but someone elses.

Motherhood makes this cellphone not just for calling, texting, and looking up numbers - but also for distracting. A baby to keep her happy during the last few minutes of a shopping trip.

Motherhood means I was able to carry my baby, two bottles of champagne, and a box of wine out to my car the day before Easter.

Motherhood means you now have the ability to dart in superhuman speeds towards your child when they are about to injure themselves. Happened just this morning.

And motherhood means you'll sit in a parking lot, windows rolled down, enjoying a nice breeze in our 70 degree weather, typing a blog post to waste time while a baby naps in the back seat.

As I said, it's wonderful, challenging, exciting, and different. I've barely scratched the surface but still my life is changed forever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eisley's First Easter

Eisley's first Easter - In Pictures

Here is Eisley's Easter basket. The Easter Bunny was good to her. And to Eisley's cousins, Indy and Ayla.
Eisley was, well, a confection to me in her Easter attire.

Have I told you she can take steps now like this? This morning she walked across the room with some helping hands. Very wobbly, but still...
This is the only pic we could get with Eisley looking at the camera... and it's blurry.
Oh this daddy's girl...

That sneaky Easter Bunny also hid eggs for the cousins....
Lack of communication. I thought it was a "silly face picture", Bea thought it was a "looking nice picture."
Eisley adored watching her cousins.
We had a very nice dinner. Everyone helped.
Beef tenderloin by Justin, ham from mom, salad from Auntie Adrienne, my mom's delicious twice baked potatoes, carrots from Grandpa Jerry, wine from Sonja and....
DESSERT! Lemon Meringue and a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting made by yours truly. See more here.
Eisley had lots of fun with her cousins. It was a good first Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

{ Happy Easter }

Christ is risen!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{ Negligent }

I've been negligent of my blog lately.

I'm busy getting ready for A Paris Street Market!

Eisley has been busy learning how to CRAWL! She's mobile now, which means we're going crazy watching her, making sure she's staying out of trouble.

I promise to blog more this week...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{ Eisley's Best Friend }

Eisley has a best friend. His name is Oscar and he's a 6 month old cat. Oscar has always gravitated towards Eisley, and Eisley has always adored Oscar.

He is the best sort of friend, he let's Eisley pull his fur and tail and he doesn't care. If Eisley is having a day nap, Oscar is usually napping with her, cuddled up against her feet or side.

I know we hear those old wives tales about cats smothering babies, but Oscar always is careful to sleep to the side of Eisley and never to disturb her. {Mom and dad keep a watchful eye anyway, just in cases.}They're totally pals. He's always nearby to keep our little girl company. He even plays with her sometimes.

{Those napping pictures were taken at a weird angle, Eisley wasn't sloped backwards.}