Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Appointment

Okay, warning, this is a long post, I'll try and summarize as much as possible...

So I had my 37 week appointment today. Justin decided to come along, even though I told him it would be boring. I'm glad he did, because it turned out to be a somewhat exciting doctor's appointment. I thought it would be just like last week: pee, blood pressure, see doctor real quick, and you're done.

Well I get there, and for once I got in right away. They weighed me, and I was up 5 lbs from last week! This means I'm retaining water and have officially hit the 20 lbs mark for pregnancy weight gain. Pee'd in a cup, we went into the exam room and waited.

Nurse came in, checked Eisley's heartbeat (145ish, good) and took my blood pressure. 150/90 - whoa! She said that's pretty up there from your baseline so lie on your left side for about 10 minutes and Dr. Watson will re-check it. If it's still high, she says, you might be setting a date here [for induction] pretty soon.

So I lay down on the table on my left side (secretly hoping my BP will stay elevated so I can just get labor over with sooner than later), and about 10 minutes later Dr. Watson comes in and says hi, rechecks my BP and it's all the way back down to 116/60. That's much better and he explains that my high blood pressure develops from my position. He says standing is one of the worst positions (and I think how glad I am I'm not working anymore) and that I should lay on my left side for about two hours a day. Better thand bed rest I guess...

Then he also says he'd like to do an ultrasound today and take some blood work, just to make sure that my bouts of high blood pressure aren't affecting Eisley and my organs.

Before that, he checks her position and sees if I'm dilated anymore. I'm not, and in fact he mentions with a tad bit of concern that I'm still "way up there" and showing no signs of effacement or baby dropping. He says that although she still has time to drop, they usually see more progress at this point. There's a chance my pelvic bone isn't going to be able to withstand the size of her head, or her head is just not making into the right position to drop (like it's tilted or something) and I wouldn't be able to push her through. He said if it's not gonna fit, it's not gonna fit so we won't make you push for hours before giving in and doing a c-section. We'll just have to see.


So he gets me in with a nurse to draw blood and she has to do it in my puffy Michelin Man hand because my veins always hide. Then the ultrasound tech lady takes us off to her ultrasound room. We got to see Eisley again, but mostly just measurements. Turns out she's about 7 lbs already (the average baby at 37 weeks is about 6.3 lbs) and her head is measuring just a bit larger. There's also a little extra fluid in there, which is better than not enough, but it's why I'm feeling her so much still. The ultrasound tech also comments on her hair! I was shocked, what baby of ours has HAIR that you can see on an ultrasound??? I swear, Justin, this baby is yours!

Then we go back to the exam room to wait for the doctor. He comes in and says that although she's slightly bigger (57th percentile) she's not getting "too big" to where they want to deliver her right away. But he does go on to say that, "You're at that point where you're far enough along to where if anything starts to tip the scale, we'd like to go ahead and induce to avoid complications from arising." He tells us that if anything comes back off with my bloodwork that they'll probably just have me come in for induction. If everything comes back normal, they'll see me again next Wednesday and re-evaluate then.

He also says that babies that don't drop by the time the mother goes into labor are at a much higher risk of needing c-section (about 75%). He also says, after looking over my chart again, that considering my blood pressure issues and my rapid weight gain this week, and Eisley's size - that if I make it to 39 weeks he think that would be a good time to go ahead and get labor started. That's in a week and a half! But that's fine with me!

SO -- the thing is, because Eisley hasn't dropped and isn't showing any progress in that area, my chances of having a c-section are heightened, although nothing is set in stone yet. Also, it's sounding like my BP and baby's size are starting to make him nervous to let me go all the way to 40 weeks. It sounds like, I'll probably be having this baby a bit early. But she's ready, having already made it to 7 lbs and 37+ weeks.

To be honest, I'm sorta hoping they get my bloodwork back and decide it's time just to get me into labor tomorrow. Although that's not likely. It would be nice.

This is how I feel right now:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Belly Laughs

After hearing about this book, I had to check it out. Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs reads almost like a review on pregnancy. A very sarcastic, hilarious review on pregnancy. She chats about all the ups and downs from the raging hormones, to her constipation issues. She also makes it very clear how much she loves her baby and calls pregnancy the most beautiful thing she'd ever do.

I read about half of it while we were at Barnes & Noble last week. I was laughing with every page! Few books make me laugh this hard, in fact, none have ever made me laugh like this book did. Jenny is so frank and blunt, and now that I've joined the "I've been pregnant" club, I was able to relate to her in so many ways.

A funny moments she talks about, for example, is when she very early on gets into a hot tub only to have a stranger yell at her for killing her baby. She jumps out and thinks in horror, "I've hard boiled my baby!" (I've gotten in the hot tub many times actually, and my doctor told me I should be using it as much as I can actually.)

I have to say, I was disappointed to read some 1 star reviews on regarding this book. All books have some 1 star reviews, and this one had a few too. I read through them all, and was disappointed to discover all these "granola moms" complaining about the same things. First, that Jenny confuses pregnant women by not being informative about pregnancy and suggesting that a "selfish epidural" put her child in danger. Also, that she didn't breastfeed and will likely inspire other women not to (oh no, God forbid breastfeeding not work for everyone!) Finally, they called her a bad mother and suggested she didn't love her kids because she "complained in her book so much about pregnancy".

SO basically, since I'm pregnant and doing this for my child, I'm not allowed to say anything bad about morning sickness and hemorrhoids???

One reviewer said: "I even wonder if she's fit to be a mother - if this was her attitude during pregnancy, I cant imagine how much she must be whining after the baby was born!"

Another said: "This book does nothing to educate women about pregnancy. It is a list of complaints, and the author spends most of the time focusing on her own selfish needs with no regard to the life she is carrying. Pregnancy isn't about the women -- it's about the babies."

Sheesh... lighten up people. If we can't LAUGH at the ridiculous side effects of pregnancy well, in my opinion, we're in a bad place. All things considered, this book me feel BETTER about being pregnant. I love my daughter, I love many aspects of pregnancy, but don't tell me I'm an unfit mother for not saying, "Yay! Stretchmarks!"

There were over 300 four and five star reviews, so obviously I'm not alone. I loved reading this book because it was like talking to my girlfriend, being sarcastic about the crappy parts of pregnancy. And that's something I've missed, because I don't have any pregnant friends to relate to right now. If you've ever been pregnant, I would recommend this book for sure. Just make sure you don't take life too seriously before you read it. It's too much light hearted fun for you if thats the case.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11 Things You Don't Say to a Prego

I find this list amusing, but also helpful. I've had it pretty easy so far. Surprisingly, it's mostly strangers who say the dumbest things to you when you're pregnant. Share this list I created with your friends and help them avoid the 'Wrath O Preggo':

1. "Wow, you're getting big!" Gee thanks, I wasn't feeling enough like a whale already.
2. "Are you sure it's not twins?" or "Are you sure you're not due sooner?" I've been lucky to have only heard the opposite ("You're all baby/looking great!") but tons of pregnant women have complained of this one.
3. "I've heard kidney stones are worse than pregnancy." Really? Did your kidney grow to the size of a watermelon over a 9 month period and give you hemorrhoids and kick your bladder?
4. Your labor horror stories. We've already got enough to worry about, so save it. (My neighbor actually did this to me last week.)
5. "You're just upset because of your hormones." Probably. But belittling the emotions I'm feeling nonetheless isn't helping.
6. "Should you be eating/drinking that?" Um, I'm not paying my OB hundreds of dollars so I can have some stranger give me medical advice.
7. "You're pregnant? Congrats! [insert unsolicited advice about breastfeeding/labor/raising children that worked for you here]."
8. "Wow, you're going to have a HOT SUMMER!!" Yes, summertime is generally hot. Thanks. (For the record, this has been one of the coolest summers in my opinion.)
9. "Oh boy. You have no idea what you're in for!!" Thanks for the support.
10. "Just think, it will all be over soon." That's easy to say when you're not the prego.
11. "Get your *own* ice cream." :-(

So there you have it, in case you were wondering, things you never say to a pregnant woman. This is for your own good, if you piss one off, her hormonal rampage is no fun to try and subdue.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 36 Week Milestone!

I'm 36 weeks this weekend! This is a pretty major milestone for my pregnancy. Why? Because I'm pretty much considered full term at this point. At my last appointment my doctor told me, "If you go into labor after hitting 36 weeks we won't try and stop it."

Neither would I!

So here we start the 1 month countdown. Let's hope Eisley doesn't get too comfortable in there and decide to stay past her welcome... I'm serving her with an eviction notice pretty soon. Mommy needs her body back. Mommy needs to be able to get out of the car without grunting. Mommy needs to see your little face finally!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Shower Pictures!

Meghan took some great pictures of the baby shower! Thought I'd share some on the blog. I only just now realized I should have grabbed that camera and snapped some pictures of her!
My mom & sister threw the baby shower, it had a cherry blossom theme:

The tables were so much nicer before the wind decided to blow them off our deck:

Here's me and my big sis. We used to look a lot more alike...

My dining/family room & the baby shower "spread":

Here's my grandma and mother-in-law serving cake. Apparently someone said something funny:

Here's me, almost 8 months pregnant and wishing I didn't have to share the cake with anyone but my baby. Just kidding:

Dana and Angela, eating outside:
Guests and myself in my family room:
My mom and her best friend, Leo, who came all the way from Kansas:

My sister's MIL and friend Dalley:
Me and my mom:

My piano pretending to be a gift table:

This picture is small. Me and my sister admiring the handmade blanket my mother-in-law made for the baby:
I swear I don't usually smile with scarey eyes like this:

The grandmas-to-be putting up with my homemade "Grandma Corsages":

Dana and I:

Guests crowding around to watch the traditional baby shower gift opening ceremony:

My mom (who makes homemade soap) did the favors, cherry almond soap bars:

Me, wishing so badly I was drinking a martini and not cherry limeade:

My mom made these "bebe" letters just like Martha Stewart's, I was tres impressed:

My grandma, enduring the summer heat with smiles:

Guests & my mom in my dining room/kitchen:

The cake, with cherry blossom branches done by yours truly (apparently it was too much for the Albertsons bakery people, despite their delicious caking making):

Afterwards, Meghan and her husband, Ryan, took us out to The Melting Pot. YUM:

Me & Justin:

Meghan and Ryan:

So there you have it, proof my baby shower really did happen. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Want to help? - Please read this one!

Of all the difficult times in my life, this is the time I feel most comfortable asking for help and giving commands. So if I may be so bold..

Here are ways you can help out (if you want to!) when Eisley decides to make her arrival. Probably all no brainers anyway, but in case you were wondering how to help:

* Make us a meal. A casserole or pot of soup or even take-out would be helpful, so new mom and dad can forgo having to cook and concentrate on settling in with Eisley. This would be the BEST thing you can do to help!

* If you want to stop by our house to visit, please call first to see if it's a good time. Don't wear out your welcome or be offended if we begin to push you out the door. But please *do* visit! We are social people and enjoy company. New parents just need it on their terms.

* If you stop by for a visit, help keep our house clean and don't leave messes. Or even better, offer to unload the dishwasher or walk the dogs or something.

* Don't tell us how to take care of a baby. We aren't idiots, and will learn as we go. We won't kill her. I promise!

* Be patient with us. Post-pregnancy hormones + new parents + crying baby = not always the most welcoming atmosphere. I apologize in advance.

* Make a peace offering of chocolate or the latest Martha Stewart Living/Kids.

* Accept the fact that Eisley's mom lean's towards the over-protective side and don't take it personally when I don't immediately trust other people alone with my baby for periods of time. We'll be taking you up on offers to babysit soon enough...

Aren't you excited?! I hope I'm not being scary. I just wanted to get it out there that we're not to proud to accept some help and charity when Eisley comes. My friends and family have all been great to us during the whole pregnancy, and we're looking forward to sharing the joy of a new little girl with all of you.

We were also going to ask a few favors.
* We'd love it if someone would make sure to pick up the newspaper on the day Eisley is born.
* We will probably need someone to check in on our dogs/cats during the hospital stay. Also to pick up our mail. (I think J's parents already said they could...)
* Please leave it up to us to announce Eisley's birth and stats once it's done and over. Although we don't mind anyone spilling the beans when I go into labor.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So the last few days have been uncomfortable in a whole new way... I keep clenching my jaw. I do it during the night too, while I'm sleeping. Now my jaw is sore and my teeth can't close all the way. Sounds a lot like TMJ doesn't it? Something I've never dealt with before...

But out of curiosity, because why would this just start out of no where, I Googled "tmj pregnancy". I was shocked at everything that came up in the search! Apparently, some sort of pregnancy induced TMJ in the last trimester is somewhat common. I even found they're doing a study to figure out exactly what causes it in pregnant women. Although I have a feeling it might be stress related, due to my roller-coaster of a life lately.

Weird huh? I hope this one goes away soon. It's a pain in the ass.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh my

I'm 34 weeks! I still feel like I just hit 24... and in three short weeks I'll be considered full term. It's hard to believe, pregnancy has just flown by.

Eisley has become quite the active little baby. I wasn't expecting that because everyone tells you how the babies slow down at 28 weeks, but Eisley has just gotten crazier. She still is quiet and still when something's going on, but whenever I'm resting and not distracting her she starts dancing. Or kick boxing. Or practicing gymnastics.

The uncomfortable period of pregnancy has hit as well. I huff and puff after walking upstairs and my stomach is fussy and irritable. It doesn't help that I'm carrying inwards and high, and I'm short waisted anyway. Getting out of the car is hard, and turning over in bed makes me hurt. I guess it's good preparation for the state I'll be in after labor. But I am looking forward to the day when my body is back to normal and fully healed.

It's coming soon...