Friday, February 26, 2010

February 2010

{Above: the day mom & dad took me to the mall and everyone thought my boots & bow were cute, but my several tantrums were NOT - see middle pic.}
{Above: "watching" tv with mom.}
{Above: tv with dad.}
{Above & below: the day cousin Mo came to play and we did an awesome rendition of "Heart & Soul" together... actually we just banged away. Still fun. Especially when wearing a winter bunny hat. Mom LOVES these pics.}

Just wanted to share a few photos from our February.... since I can't think of anything else worth blogging about.
What, with the Olympics on all day and whatnot. I got nothing.

Almost done settling into the new house, so I'll be back with pictures & stuff to say about that shortly...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{Dear Eisley: Moving}

Dear Eisley,

You do not like moving.

It makes you cry.

Seeing daddy move the furniture around upsets you.

And you are having a very difficult time sleeping in your new room.

{You've already had a few time-outs in the new house. For hitting. And throwing. Someday, after I no longer need you to take time-out seriously, I will tell you how cute you are when you're all ticked off in your time-out chair, and how mommy had a hard time keeping a straight face.}

Speaking of your room, I've decided how I'm going to decorate it. No painting, but...

I'm going to need some yards of fabric, ribbon, and a play table for you to color at - STAT!

Think buntings.


We could not have gotten through this move without your grandparents.

Those four moved the piano into the house. And then some.

In fact, I did very little lifting {other than your big 18 month old body}.

They also cleaned our cabinets, cleaned the fridge, unpacked dishes, and much more all without throwing out their geriatric backs! {Just kidding about the geriatric part... except maybe for Grandpa Jerry... he
is in his sixties now... should we call him a "Jerryatric"?}

No, but seriously, for reals, like totally: thank you, Grandparents!

Mommy thinks we're going to be very happy in this little 1940's house with the white picket fence. Mommy has also concluded, with total certainty, that her furniture & decor belongs with an old house.

Yes. The house & mommy's decor: they deserve each other.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have unpacking & cleaning to do so that I can take pictures and show our readers the newly painted furniture.

{Wood lovers, prepare to be horrified.}



Friday, February 12, 2010


We're moving.

This is why I haven't posted much lately. Moving, quite frankly, is a horrible chore I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Simply put, I hate it.

That said, I'm very excited we're moving to a home in a lovely area with a white picket fence, a big yard, a room for Eisley, a craft room for me, and 3 parks within 1/4 mile. Did I mention it's also 3 miles to work for Justin?


We've been very blessed to have a cozy home to stay in for the last 6 months, but now it's time to move. It's a fresh start.

We've been looking for a good home for a while now...

One house we looked at we really didn't like. It was right off Alameda. Not the best location for youngsters.

The Realtor showing it to us, upon hearing we currently live 50 miles away in Kiowa {a TINY town to the southeast}, turned to me and said - rather condescendingly if I might add:

"And are you going to be ok with this? Moving to the big city?"

My feathers were officially ruffled.

"Actually I grew up in this area." I replied.


Justin later told me - as we laughed about this - that I sounded sort of snotty.

I didn't care, she was talking down to me. Even if I was a "country bumpkin", where does she get off talking to me like I'm a small minded simpleton just because she thought I came from a rural area?

There are lots of lovely things about small towns like Kiowa:

No registered sex offenders.
People drive politely.
Zero crime.
500 trillion more stars to see at night.

Still, I am a city girl at heart. I welcome the nearby highway noise, the close quarters with neighbors, and busy streets. I find it comforting to be around people, I don't feel so alone in the world. To each his own, right?

So now we're moving back to the very neighborhoods I grew up in and I'm very excited to be unpacked and settled in.

Signing off for a few days! I'll be back with pictures of my newly painted furniture...