Saturday, June 27, 2009

The {Nearly} Lost Cell Phone Pictures

Almost all the pics you've seen thus far have been from my camera. I finally, just today, got around to uploading some of the pics I've taken on my cell phone. I'm posting some of my favorites.

Two piggies cuddling.Cat & Hillary Clinton sleeping.

The day Eisley discovered the wonderment of a tissue box. I let her waste the entire thing. You only get to be a kid for a short time, right? Let 'em waste a tissue box here and there...
This is the very first time Eisley rode in a shopping cart - sans car seat. Very exciting. Very bald.
Today! In a fountain at Stapleton, right after we visited Sweet William Market.
We visited the tiny town of Calhan - which apparently she is allergic to. {She must be a city girl, like her momma.}
With The Cousins & Jamma on my birthday last week.
Mara & Eisley at coffee.
Trying out new chairs at Target.
Taking bath-time-pics to send to Daddy at work. Gotta love modern technology. When I was her age the idea of taking and sending a picture from a bathtub to a workplace in an instant was unimaginable.
About 30 minutes after Daddy calls to tell us he's on his way home we head to the upstairs window {over the driveway} to wait & watch him pull up. It's the most exciting part of Eisley's day.
I rarely get this anymore nowadays.
"Mommy, stop blogging and come play with me!"
First lollipop. Thanks Auntie Bea.
More bathroom excitement.
And in case you haven't been yet, check out our Mad Tea Party that was had this morning.
Cheers! Until next post...

{Remember to comment! Eisley loves comments. Or at least she will, someday.}

Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Dear Eisley - Vol. 3}

{Dear Eisley}

It's recently come to my attention that you seem to be growing up. This disappoints me very much, and you may or may not recall that when you were born we had an agreement: I'll give you all the love I have to give, all I ask in return is that you stay my baby forever. Do you not remember this? Because you've been acting pretty mature lately, what, with the walking and talking...

August 8th is coming up in just over a month, and I'm worried that you have intentions of turning 1. You'd better think twice if that is your plan, Missy! It's just not right for you to grow up so fast on your poor mother. What makes you think this is ok? Did one of your grandmothers put you up to this?

Well, this is your last warning. We'll have a party with cake and presents and such, just like I promised, to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. But you are not to turn 1! Is that understood? If there is one thing I won't stand for it's a defiant baby.

{Love Always (no matter how naughty you are) - Your Poor, Poor Mommy}

PS - If you read my blog, you should comment every so often... it's a nice thing to do. AND I hope Eisley will someday come back and read this... it'd be nice for her ;-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Bow + rubber band = hairstyle.

It's finally long enough. I am one happy Momma Pie.

And a happy Momma Pie = Happy Baby Pie.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

{Dear Bella}

{Dear Bella}

I'm so sorry I dropped that steak knife in your eye tonight. I feel horrible. It was an accident, I swear. I hope you enjoy your night at the vet on sedatives, it should be a nice break, right?

Although I'm glad it was you and not Eisley, I still feel terrible. Glad you're going to be okay though and we promise to give you lots of affection when you get home tomorrow.

{Yours Truly - Human Mom}

Sunday, June 14, 2009

{It's Official}

Eisley took her very first unassisted step today. Just one stride, yes, but a whole one on her own. Departure took place from dad's hands. Arrival at mom's. Parents are proud and happy we both got to see "the first".

That is all.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bea!

Happy Birthday Sistah! This is the exciting time of the year when you get to be 4 years older than me, instead of the usual 3.
We love you!
Things I'll always remember about my sister's birthdays:
1. Sleepovers in the backyard in a tent.
2. Cakes shaped like our family dog. He happened to be a black dog... which means LOTS of black icing.
4. I got my first period on my sister's birthday. TMI, I know, but it's true.

June is a crazy month for us, with 5 family birthdays + father's day. Let the celebrations begin.

I baked you all cake.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

BFFs & Marshmallow Crisps


We had a chance to finally play some Rock Band & have dinner with Peter & Angela on Tuesday1

Eisley and Mara got a chance to get better acquainted.

They hugged.

They had father/daughter time.

We were glad to see that Eisley was gentle with Mara, as opposed to her usual "grab and pull" approach with people & pets.
First Mara started in with the tears...
And Eisley followed. {Afterward they even went to the bathroom together. Girls!}
That moment pretty much had us four parents in hysterics.


Now every time we go for a night at Peter & Angela's I'm asked if I brought my treats. I've developed a bit of a reputation for my Marshmallow Crisps. (Not "Rice Krispie Treats" because, well, they're much better.)

It's pretty much expected anymore that if we are welcome at their house, Marshmallow Crisps must be had as well.

Believe it or not, I've done research. I've developed the PERFECT recipe for Marshmallow Crisps. Seriously. People rave about my Marshmallow Crisps.

Here is how you can make:

First, measure out 10 cups (yes, I double the recipe, because no one likes too-thin treats) Rice Krispies.
Second, measure out 8 cups (buy a 1 lbs bag) mini-marshmallows. Make sure to have a little more left over...
And have on hand a "splash" of milk & vanilla extract.
Spray a 9 x 13 pan and the bottom of a flat "flipper'.
And finally, melt 1/2 cup (or 1 stick) butter. DO NOT use margarine. YUCK! Don't be a sicko! Cut it up into small pieces for melting - and melt on the lowest possible setting! Butter burns easily so be sure to do it slowly on low heat.
When butter is fully melted, stir in your mini mallows. Mmm...
Wait patiently for them to melt in. It's worth it.
Toss in splash of milk & vanilla. The milk helps add a gooey factor (because you should NEVER serve hard, crunchy treats! yuck!) and the vanilla complements the marshmallow taste.
When the m
arshmallows are totally melted and mixed...
Toss in another handful! Why? Because you get delightful little chunks of marshmallow in your treat - so good.
... and melt until they're just about to blend in.
Pour over the Krispies.
And blend well.
Pour in your pre-greased pan. Flatten and compact with your pre-greased flipper.

Viola! Heather's Perfect M
arshmallow Crisps!
They're soooo good. Try them.

PS- Why does no one comment anymore? Hmm...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Night Owl vs. Morning Man

This morning Eisley decided that getting up for a 7am screaming was in order. We think perhaps another tooth is breaking through? Justin was up and out of bed before I even comprehended what was happening and whether or not I was still dreaming.

This morning reminded me {for perhaps the 537th time} how lucky I am to have married a morning person.

We've established a system, rooted in the days when I was getting up at 1am & 4am to pump breastmilk, of Justin being the nighttime caregiver. In the early days, as an exclusive pumper, I tried to hold up to 2 red-eye breastpump sessions and getting up with Eisley, feeling like that was my job as mom. Unfortunately, that only made for an incredibly stressed and sleep-deprived Heather, which made everyone's life more unpleasant thanks to my grumpiness. So to help {as well as to tame the monster I become under such times of exhaustion} Justin turned into the "Midnight Mr. Mom".

As spoiled as I feel sleeping through any midnight fussing {which is rare now anyway thankfully} I am also SO thankful that Justin can handle this. He's a God-send in these moments. Whereas, if our roles were switched in that moment, I'm afraid to admit that I would be completley resentful. Why does *he* get to sleep?! Why is this happening to me?! I need more sleep! ... and probably in tears, too. Oh yes. I cry very easily when I'm overly tired. Just like my daughter.

As the mom, I feel like I just should be the one getting up with her in the early morning, but I'm like my own mother: a hard sleeper and incredibly difficult to wake up. When I do wake up, I'm usually not in a pleasant mood, and also very disoriented. It takes a lot of time to wake up when you're this sort of person. Justin has learned over the years {which by the way, we've now officially hit 9 years together!} to wake me gently. On Sunday, he woke me up for early church by stroking my cheek. Aww :-)

I usually spend the first 10 minutes of each day trying to disentangle my dreams from reality. {i.e. this morning was "Yes, you *did* watch a funny Lord of the Rings spoof right before bed last night on YouTube. No, you *did not* build an escalator in your parent's living room."} Such is the life of a deep sleeper/non-morning person.

Additionally, it never ceases to amazing me how Justin can bound out of bed at 6am and go cheerfully entertain our daughter. He goes from 0 - 60 in two seconds. Nice. I'm actually jealous. He's expressed similar amazement to me about my night owl nature, because on any given night I can easily stay up until 2am before getting tired. But that special talent is unavailing when you have an infant. {It mostly just comes in handy for your college years.}

I have to say after almost ten months {TEN MONTHS!} I'm still in utter disbelief everytime Justin says "It's okay, honey, you go back to bed." I usually ask - half asleep, "Are you sure???" Because Lord knows I wouldn't be that okay with it. He never complains, for which I am quite grateful.
So I guess this works for us. It does benefit everyone when I'm well rested, I have to say, and at least Justin and Eisley catch up on some of the bonding they miss out on while he's at work.

But, I concede: Justin is pretty much the better parent between the hours of 11pm & 8am.

PS - Have you seen my latest cakes?