Thursday, June 25, 2009

{Dear Eisley - Vol. 3}

{Dear Eisley}

It's recently come to my attention that you seem to be growing up. This disappoints me very much, and you may or may not recall that when you were born we had an agreement: I'll give you all the love I have to give, all I ask in return is that you stay my baby forever. Do you not remember this? Because you've been acting pretty mature lately, what, with the walking and talking...

August 8th is coming up in just over a month, and I'm worried that you have intentions of turning 1. You'd better think twice if that is your plan, Missy! It's just not right for you to grow up so fast on your poor mother. What makes you think this is ok? Did one of your grandmothers put you up to this?

Well, this is your last warning. We'll have a party with cake and presents and such, just like I promised, to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. But you are not to turn 1! Is that understood? If there is one thing I won't stand for it's a defiant baby.

{Love Always (no matter how naughty you are) - Your Poor, Poor Mommy}

PS - If you read my blog, you should comment every so often... it's a nice thing to do. AND I hope Eisley will someday come back and read this... it'd be nice for her ;-)


  1. She's absolutely adorable! 1, already? This is nonsense.

  2. Thanks Mercy!

    Hope you're doing well in the windy city :)

  3. Daddy also doesn't approve of her growing up so fast.

  4. She's so adorable. And Eisley I agree with your mother. It's cruel of you to keep trying to grow up! Trust me, being grown-up isn't all it's cut out to be.