Saturday, June 27, 2009

The {Nearly} Lost Cell Phone Pictures

Almost all the pics you've seen thus far have been from my camera. I finally, just today, got around to uploading some of the pics I've taken on my cell phone. I'm posting some of my favorites.

Two piggies cuddling.Cat & Hillary Clinton sleeping.

The day Eisley discovered the wonderment of a tissue box. I let her waste the entire thing. You only get to be a kid for a short time, right? Let 'em waste a tissue box here and there...
This is the very first time Eisley rode in a shopping cart - sans car seat. Very exciting. Very bald.
Today! In a fountain at Stapleton, right after we visited Sweet William Market.
We visited the tiny town of Calhan - which apparently she is allergic to. {She must be a city girl, like her momma.}
With The Cousins & Jamma on my birthday last week.
Mara & Eisley at coffee.
Trying out new chairs at Target.
Taking bath-time-pics to send to Daddy at work. Gotta love modern technology. When I was her age the idea of taking and sending a picture from a bathtub to a workplace in an instant was unimaginable.
About 30 minutes after Daddy calls to tell us he's on his way home we head to the upstairs window {over the driveway} to wait & watch him pull up. It's the most exciting part of Eisley's day.
I rarely get this anymore nowadays.
"Mommy, stop blogging and come play with me!"
First lollipop. Thanks Auntie Bea.
More bathroom excitement.
And in case you haven't been yet, check out our Mad Tea Party that was had this morning.
Cheers! Until next post...

{Remember to comment! Eisley loves comments. Or at least she will, someday.}


  1. I like that you caught Ayla on camera trying to punch her cousin in the head!

  2. Lol, I didn't see that before.

  3. I *love* the cuddling piggies. And, I have *never* seen a cat sleep like that!

  4. Looks like Eisley had a little more coffee than Mara did.

  5. I had fun going to Sweet William with Sweet Eisley :-)