Friday, February 26, 2010

February 2010

{Above: the day mom & dad took me to the mall and everyone thought my boots & bow were cute, but my several tantrums were NOT - see middle pic.}
{Above: "watching" tv with mom.}
{Above: tv with dad.}
{Above & below: the day cousin Mo came to play and we did an awesome rendition of "Heart & Soul" together... actually we just banged away. Still fun. Especially when wearing a winter bunny hat. Mom LOVES these pics.}

Just wanted to share a few photos from our February.... since I can't think of anything else worth blogging about.
What, with the Olympics on all day and whatnot. I got nothing.

Almost done settling into the new house, so I'll be back with pictures & stuff to say about that shortly...


  1. I love the pix--thanks for sharing!

  2. Please, please promise, to one day help me make my home as beautiful and cozy as yours.

    It is your duty to me, as my sister.

    We must not shirk our duties. Must we?

  3. Ok I promise. You flatter me & I'd love to help. A home is a canvas. Fill it with things you love and purge things that you don't. Even if your favorite aunt gave you that adorable zebra figurine from her trip to the San Diego Zoo... you don't love it. Send it packing.

    Don't get me started...