Saturday, March 6, 2010

{One Peaceful Moment}

{Dear Eisley}
This is what you look like when you nap.
I could stare at this face for hours.
These are your sweet tiny feet, still for once.
This is what you look like when we are trying to gently wake you. There are errands to be ran and a schedule to stick to if we don't want to be up until midnight...
This is how you're like your mom when you wake, confused and disoriented.
But if we give you a minute, you'll start giving out smiles.
I try and enjoy these sorts of moment when they're here because so much of life is made up of moments not like this. {Like last night, for example, when you embarrassed mom & dad in front of a restaurant full of people.}
Here's what I look like when you wake up from a nap and you snatch the camera and start taking your own pictures.
{With Love, Mom}

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  1. AAWWWWWWWWWW, and with her Simmy Goo, too :-)
    There's nothing like watching your precious children sleep, is there? I remember that with you girls, too--I would sometimes just stand there and stare for the longest time. Soak it all in, because it ends far too soon.
    When they're teenagers, they don't much appreciate you standing over their beds watching them sleep ;-)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Ridley looks cute and you look hot. Love that Ridley.