Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{Dear Miss Eisley}

You are not a baby anymore, have you noticed? You're quite the little girl, in fact.

A little girl who loves to chill in front of the TV for her favorite shows...

... a little girl who sports her love for mom proudly {hehe}....

... a little girl who loves to run in the yard...

... and says "Hi!" to all the people passing by walking their dogs or taking their kids to the park...

... a little girl who sits still while mommy paints her toenails purple.

You love post-bathtime dress up with mom's jewelry and hair accessories...
... you love all sorts of dress up.
That includes experimenting with unique hats. This one is your favorite, and you get angry if we take it off:
You love music, dancing, and insisting on climbing onto the piano bench 50 times a day to "practice".

This is all great and wonderful... but mommy misses having a tiny baby.
Maybe you'll have a playmate someday?


  1. You have a fenced front yard?? Between this and your Fantastic Hutch of Fabulous Plates, I think I am about to pass out.

    Yes, I feel downright faint.

  2. Yes and thank goodness for that fence as people think it's okay to race through residential streets. I fight the urge to stand out there all day and yell at cars driving by, going at least 45 mph. {And we live in a school zone too!}

    Some people have no respect for human life...