Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh my

I'm 34 weeks! I still feel like I just hit 24... and in three short weeks I'll be considered full term. It's hard to believe, pregnancy has just flown by.

Eisley has become quite the active little baby. I wasn't expecting that because everyone tells you how the babies slow down at 28 weeks, but Eisley has just gotten crazier. She still is quiet and still when something's going on, but whenever I'm resting and not distracting her she starts dancing. Or kick boxing. Or practicing gymnastics.

The uncomfortable period of pregnancy has hit as well. I huff and puff after walking upstairs and my stomach is fussy and irritable. It doesn't help that I'm carrying inwards and high, and I'm short waisted anyway. Getting out of the car is hard, and turning over in bed makes me hurt. I guess it's good preparation for the state I'll be in after labor. But I am looking forward to the day when my body is back to normal and fully healed.

It's coming soon...

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