Tuesday, July 22, 2008

11 Things You Don't Say to a Prego

I find this list amusing, but also helpful. I've had it pretty easy so far. Surprisingly, it's mostly strangers who say the dumbest things to you when you're pregnant. Share this list I created with your friends and help them avoid the 'Wrath O Preggo':

1. "Wow, you're getting big!" Gee thanks, I wasn't feeling enough like a whale already.
2. "Are you sure it's not twins?" or "Are you sure you're not due sooner?" I've been lucky to have only heard the opposite ("You're all baby/looking great!") but tons of pregnant women have complained of this one.
3. "I've heard kidney stones are worse than pregnancy." Really? Did your kidney grow to the size of a watermelon over a 9 month period and give you hemorrhoids and kick your bladder?
4. Your labor horror stories. We've already got enough to worry about, so save it. (My neighbor actually did this to me last week.)
5. "You're just upset because of your hormones." Probably. But belittling the emotions I'm feeling nonetheless isn't helping.
6. "Should you be eating/drinking that?" Um, I'm not paying my OB hundreds of dollars so I can have some stranger give me medical advice.
7. "You're pregnant? Congrats! [insert unsolicited advice about breastfeeding/labor/raising children that worked for you here]."
8. "Wow, you're going to have a HOT SUMMER!!" Yes, summertime is generally hot. Thanks. (For the record, this has been one of the coolest summers in my opinion.)
9. "Oh boy. You have no idea what you're in for!!" Thanks for the support.
10. "Just think, it will all be over soon." That's easy to say when you're not the prego.
11. "Get your *own* ice cream." :-(

So there you have it, in case you were wondering, things you never say to a pregnant woman. This is for your own good, if you piss one off, her hormonal rampage is no fun to try and subdue.

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