Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baby Shower Pictures!

Meghan took some great pictures of the baby shower! Thought I'd share some on the blog. I only just now realized I should have grabbed that camera and snapped some pictures of her!
My mom & sister threw the baby shower, it had a cherry blossom theme:

The tables were so much nicer before the wind decided to blow them off our deck:

Here's me and my big sis. We used to look a lot more alike...

My dining/family room & the baby shower "spread":

Here's my grandma and mother-in-law serving cake. Apparently someone said something funny:

Here's me, almost 8 months pregnant and wishing I didn't have to share the cake with anyone but my baby. Just kidding:

Dana and Angela, eating outside:
Guests and myself in my family room:
My mom and her best friend, Leo, who came all the way from Kansas:

My sister's MIL and friend Dalley:
Me and my mom:

My piano pretending to be a gift table:

This picture is small. Me and my sister admiring the handmade blanket my mother-in-law made for the baby:
I swear I don't usually smile with scarey eyes like this:

The grandmas-to-be putting up with my homemade "Grandma Corsages":

Dana and I:

Guests crowding around to watch the traditional baby shower gift opening ceremony:

My mom (who makes homemade soap) did the favors, cherry almond soap bars:

Me, wishing so badly I was drinking a martini and not cherry limeade:

My mom made these "bebe" letters just like Martha Stewart's, I was tres impressed:

My grandma, enduring the summer heat with smiles:

Guests & my mom in my dining room/kitchen:

The cake, with cherry blossom branches done by yours truly (apparently it was too much for the Albertsons bakery people, despite their delicious caking making):

Afterwards, Meghan and her husband, Ryan, took us out to The Melting Pot. YUM:

Me & Justin:

Meghan and Ryan:

So there you have it, proof my baby shower really did happen. It was a lot of fun.

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