Sunday, July 13, 2008

Want to help? - Please read this one!

Of all the difficult times in my life, this is the time I feel most comfortable asking for help and giving commands. So if I may be so bold..

Here are ways you can help out (if you want to!) when Eisley decides to make her arrival. Probably all no brainers anyway, but in case you were wondering how to help:

* Make us a meal. A casserole or pot of soup or even take-out would be helpful, so new mom and dad can forgo having to cook and concentrate on settling in with Eisley. This would be the BEST thing you can do to help!

* If you want to stop by our house to visit, please call first to see if it's a good time. Don't wear out your welcome or be offended if we begin to push you out the door. But please *do* visit! We are social people and enjoy company. New parents just need it on their terms.

* If you stop by for a visit, help keep our house clean and don't leave messes. Or even better, offer to unload the dishwasher or walk the dogs or something.

* Don't tell us how to take care of a baby. We aren't idiots, and will learn as we go. We won't kill her. I promise!

* Be patient with us. Post-pregnancy hormones + new parents + crying baby = not always the most welcoming atmosphere. I apologize in advance.

* Make a peace offering of chocolate or the latest Martha Stewart Living/Kids.

* Accept the fact that Eisley's mom lean's towards the over-protective side and don't take it personally when I don't immediately trust other people alone with my baby for periods of time. We'll be taking you up on offers to babysit soon enough...

Aren't you excited?! I hope I'm not being scary. I just wanted to get it out there that we're not to proud to accept some help and charity when Eisley comes. My friends and family have all been great to us during the whole pregnancy, and we're looking forward to sharing the joy of a new little girl with all of you.

We were also going to ask a few favors.
* We'd love it if someone would make sure to pick up the newspaper on the day Eisley is born.
* We will probably need someone to check in on our dogs/cats during the hospital stay. Also to pick up our mail. (I think J's parents already said they could...)
* Please leave it up to us to announce Eisley's birth and stats once it's done and over. Although we don't mind anyone spilling the beans when I go into labor.

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