Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winter Finally Comes

We've had the most mild winter in my life this year - 70 degree days, cloudless skies, I busted out the flip flops weeks ago - until yesterday when it started dumping. Since then we've gotten 2 feet down here in Castle Rock. Bummer. I feel totally housebound, and Eisley is full of energy and demanding to be entertained. At least she's a happy baby...I can't wait til we can get out of the house and go look at fun books at Barnes & Noble or something...
There's a raised deck under there, people, I swear.
There's no taking my 240 out in this mess, it's rear-wheel-drive sports car skills couldn't get me one block.
So we're just staying in. Waiting for spring...


  1. Well try to enjoy the time the best you can. I know it can be a bummer being stuck... but at least you got good company!

  2. That's true!

    As of today, just a few days later, the snow is all melted and it's 70 degrees again. yay!

  3. Yeah. Did you hear it's supposed to rain all weekend? Sonja rented a bouncing castle for her birthday party. On Saturday. And it's gonna rain. Frak me.