Friday, April 24, 2009

Piano Baby

Justin's mom bought us an old antique piano a few years ago. When she asked us if we wanted it at first I thought yes but too bad we don't play. But my second thought was it would be nice to have for the kids someday. I want our kids to have piano lessons. I know a lot of adults who regret not learning this skill as a child - myself included.
Eisley will learn.


  1. Oh what a cutie pie. She just has this look that says "Of course I could play this, but I won't." Perhaps that's just the wine talking.

    Hope you have a fab weekend.

  2. Oh yay!! She may hate piano lessons at first... the practicing and the like, but that's one of many things I was glad my parents forced me to do. I use the piano and music so much.

  3. She looks like such a natural at that piano that she's just GOTTA learn!