Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{ Eisley's Best Friend }

Eisley has a best friend. His name is Oscar and he's a 6 month old cat. Oscar has always gravitated towards Eisley, and Eisley has always adored Oscar.

He is the best sort of friend, he let's Eisley pull his fur and tail and he doesn't care. If Eisley is having a day nap, Oscar is usually napping with her, cuddled up against her feet or side.

I know we hear those old wives tales about cats smothering babies, but Oscar always is careful to sleep to the side of Eisley and never to disturb her. {Mom and dad keep a watchful eye anyway, just in cases.}They're totally pals. He's always nearby to keep our little girl company. He even plays with her sometimes.

{Those napping pictures were taken at a weird angle, Eisley wasn't sloped backwards.}


  1. Awwww yay! Gives me some hope of being able to keep my cats when I have my first baby. People always try to terrify me with stories of cats smothering babies... sigh. I am already praying asking God to help my cats adjust to the idea of a baby. haha.

  2. Well I wouldn't worry about it AT ALL! My other cats just avoid Eisley, they always have. It's never been an issue!

  3. Cutest thing ever. I hope dogs like kids!

  4. OH Heath!

    This made me so gloriously happy today. I love how happy Eisley looks. Cats are such snuggly animals and I adore them for that. Glad you posted those pics.