Saturday, March 28, 2009

{ Get Back to Work! }

Someone had her first cupcake this week. We tried to make the most of our time together before Husband went back to work. I didn't even get to see him on his way out the door this morning, I'd already left for a church thing. A sweet great-grandma-of-4 named Eva helped take care of Eisley while we walked the neighborhoods for prayer requests. Eisley loved her.

The first person who opened the door to our team was a man who {did I see a hint of tears in his eyes?} asked us to pray that he find a job. It reminded me of how thankful we are that Justin was able to find a job so quickly - given the state of the economy. I can't wait until he gets home and I can grill him about his first day. He'll act nonchalant and I'll spend about an hour pulling questions out of him... I have to get all the details.

Justin's side of the family came over last night so we could celebrate little Noah {our first nephew's} upcoming arrival. We had pizza and cupcakes. Eisley showed off her developing crawling skills. Yes! She's starting to crawl! Can you believe it?

And part of "making the most" of our time before the Husband headed back to the rat race was getting control over my "studio" {I feel dorky calling it "my studio" but I can't think of anything more fitting...} It was pretty bad! I had no room to spread out and craft and it was so unorganized. I fixed it. You can read all about it {the pretty version} here, if you should feel so inclined.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I am glad J got a job too... Every day I hear of more people getting laid off. It's very sad. People I worked with at past employers are coming to me asking if I know of any open positions...I hate to think of what those families are going through. PS LOVE THE STUDIO!