Monday, March 9, 2009

Cake Decorating & Silly Eisley Video

Tonight was my second cake decorating class. Last week was just learning how to frost a cake, this week we actually had to bring one to decorate. It was so fun!

We all were to bring a two layer, blue frosted cake. Here was mine at the beginning of class:
And here it was at the end!

Eisley figured out how to make blubbering noises this week. She even lets mom and dad do it:


  1. I want you to make me a loverly cake! Good job. Eisley is so cute. Ayla and Indy loved the video.

  2. Oh my! That video was hilarious! AND I loved your cake. You have talent girl!

  3. Beautiful cake. And cute video too. I just taught my niece to high-five last night! It's so fun when they learn things.