Monday, May 12, 2008

Jerk Husband of the Week

- If you read my previous posts, you know these "jerk husbands" of which I speak are NOT Justin or anything like him -

So this week, one lady talked about how her husband won't try and feel the baby because he thinks "it's gross" and is kinda weirded out by his wife's body. Of course, you can imagine how this makes his poor pregnant wife feel (during one of those vulnerable times of her life already).

GROW UP! I see on the TLC show Bringing Home Baby, sometimes the dads are all sickened by their newborns diapers and refuse to change them. Are we in 5th grade again? Do pregnant women have cooties? It's so flippin' immature and stupid...

These "men" make me sick! If Justin ever acted that way about my body or my newborn (not that he would, it's called maturity) I'd seriously smack him. Hard.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes you wonder why the women married them in the first place...I'm just saying "once a jerk, always a jerk!"