Monday, November 16, 2009

All About Eisley @ 15 Months

Dearest Eisley,

You are about 15 months old these days. Most strangers guess that you are only around 10 months though. Your BFF, Mara, is catching up with you.

You have mommy's long eyelashes and daddy's easy-tan skin tone.

When you're upset with us, you sometimes try to claw our faces off. Don't worry, love you anyway.

The most common compliment we get on you from strangers? "She's so happy! Look at that beautiful smile!"

This is why mommy nicknamed you "Cheerful."

Auntie Bea says you look too small to be walking, and fawns over your tinyness. She is right, after all, you're only in the 5th percentile.

Dr. Heble your growth, despite being in the 5th percentile, is steady and right where it needs to be.

You chase boys and try to hug them. From this comes mommy's favorite rhyme, "Eisley Piesley in the skiesley, kiss the boys and makes them criesley."

It's true, the boys are scared of you. Well, I guess it's more that they're just little wussies, because when you smile and wave, they frown and cling to their mommy's legs. Don't ever change. Ever.

You call your father, not "Daddy", but rather a primitive version of his name, "Sjah-shen". He thinks it's cute but would rather you say "daddy". You say it because you hear me call him that.

Other word's you say a lot these days:
"Chase" (Pappa & Gmas dog)
"Bye bye"
and probably many more we just don't realize.

Oh, there's also "Sh**!" Where you got that word I have no idea... but is your word of choice. When you go downstairs each step you exclaim, "Sh**!"

We don't even say this word. You must mean something else. But it has earned us some interesting & amused looks in public.

You get over things quickly. If you get hurt you might cry for a few seconds, but you're quick to move on. I like this about you.

Trying on mommy & daddy's shoes is one of your favorite past-times these days.

You are often obedient, but sometimes you exhibit a little rebellion. Mommy can't always keep a straight & stern face when you're being naughty, but smiling so bright.

Sometimes you growl and yell ferociously. Then I call you my "Eisleyzilla."

You make our days so bright, little girl.

Mommy & "Sjuh-shen"

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