Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{The Day Eisley Had a Big Sister}

Last week we had the pleasure of having Eisley's cousin, Moriah {or Mo} along with us for an outing.

Mo is so motherly and sweet to Eisley. We had lunch at the mall {see above pic, and we will return to this one in a minute}, played at Monkey Bizness, went to Costco:

{They even got to sit side-by-side in the gargantuan Costco carts. All Mo asked of us was that she get to try the samples. Fair enough.}

Finally, they conked out in the car together on the way home. How cute is this???

Mo, you can come hang with us anytime! Eisley adores her big cousin and is very entertained by her presence - which makes running errands a lot easier for all of us.

Now, I would like to return to this image {a clipping of the first photo in this post}.
We cannot, for the life of us, figure out why Eisley has black lips in this photo? Our camera has a "beauty shot" which evens out skin tone, perhaps this is the "goth mode" we didn't know about?

No, but really... she was eating apples and french fries... there is no explanation for this.

{Cue Twilight Zone theme music.}


  1. The feeling is mutual!! Moriah Loves her cousin too. Thank you for hanging out with her for the day. She had so much fun. We will have to return the favor sometime. :-) The picture of them sleeping in the car is ADORABLE!!

  2. Isn't that picture sweet? They were watching Snow White on the DVD and suddenly I thought... They're being really quiet back there...
    so I turned to look and found them asleep. Awwww...

  3. hi! just wanted to say cute blog. Also if you have the "red eye" setting automatically on your camera or photo editing software, it will change reddish coloured lips to black, along with the pupils. :)

  4. Oh good to know, Lana! I keep my camera - for people shots - on the beauty setting so it probably does have red eye reduction! thanks!

    going to go visit your blog now,