Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Chore

Recently Justin & I sat down with Eisley and had a little talk.

"It's time you start putting in some effort around here young lady," said Justin. "How about you start contributing to the household chores?"

"I think your father is right, missy! We've been way too lenient on you lately, and you're old enough now that you can chip in around here and do some chores."

To which Eisley said, "Awwwww man! Do I have to?"

To which WE said, "Yes!"

And so we assigned Eisley her first household chore. Her first duty that is all her own.

I will say, she takes it quite seriously.

Behold Eisley's first chore for the household. Walking the dog.

Okay, really, she loves it. It's not really a chore. In fact,
we get yelled at if she doesn't get to do it. Surprisingly, she and Bella walk quite well together. We've let her walk Bella several times now without incident.

And yes, we always hold hands when crossing the street.


  1. One benefit of having smaller dogs!! She looks so cute holding the leash. Growing up way too fast. Moriah will walk Thunder but we still have to be careful if he sees a squirel or bird or another dog because he will take off and drag Moriah. That happend last spring right before Noah was born. Thankfully they were on the grass but I had to yell at her to let go of the leash. Scary!!

  2. @Brittany - Yes. In 12 years.

    @Adrienne - It's true! Smaller dogs come with their benefits.