Thursday, June 17, 2010

{Little Baby}

{The pregnancy test I was given at the doctor - hugely positive, yay!}

{Dear Little Baby #2 - Whoever you are...}

I love you.

Up until now this blog & my life as a mother has been mostly all about Eisley. But now you are on your way as well, another sweet blessing in my life among all the others.

It is still hard at this point to imagine loving another being as much as I love Eisley, but I know they say it is possible, and I know I will. Heck, already do. Don't ever forget it. Your momma loved you since the day she saw that faint pink line.

You & I have something in common {other than DNA} in that we both have a big sister. Another thing in common is that we both have really wonderful, amazing big sisters. How lucky are we?

Eisley is sometimes lonely and bored for a playmate and I know she will benefit so much from having you in her life.

Little Baby #2, you were planned and you were so wanted. I feel incredibly blessed to have conceived two "first try" babies. I have known of too many deserving women who did not experience this "luxury" and so I do not take that fact for granted. And so I thank God for your existence and His plan for your life. Even if you are making me sick and exhausted. And overly-sentimental. Blame the hormones. They make me cry at every little thing...

On the day I found out you existed I thought to myself, "God has smiled on me today!" I was just so excited and grateful.

You are like a smile from God in my eyes.

{Love, Mom}


  1. I love you sis! Can't wait to hold your little number two, now doesn't that sound funny? Especially can't wait for the part where he or she starts to cry and I get to pass him or her back over to mom!