Friday, July 9, 2010

Peony Petals - a photo post

{Disclaimer: I would never advocate the destruction of a perfectly good peony ;-), the petals were taken off peonies that were well past their prime & already browning.}

PS - Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately...


  1. I LOVE the pictures, Heather!

    I would have enjoyed seeing more of Justin and you with the Pie. I understand that not being in pictures is the way of things. No good hair, outfits, or make up required when you are a beautiful little girl. :)

    Thank you to the peonies for sacrificing the last part of their lives for some GREAT shots!

  2. Thanks Dalley!
    I wish I had more pictures of me too, but Justin never takes any :-( and I take some of him, but I get sick of posting pics of HIM and Eis all the time so this one I decided to do just Eis.

    Justin, if you read this, you need to be Mr. Photo Man more often... mmmkay?

  3. That picture of her looking up....dreamy! It was worth the destruction of a withering peony. Lisa~

  4. Thank you, Lisa!

    I LOVE Photoshop. Later I'll have to post the before & after of that picture...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love the picture of Eisley. Amazing. Can you teach me to do that? This is Colleen by the way..

  6. That first picture especially and the one of Eisley looking up are amazing. How did you do it? Noah never takes pictures of me either unless I ask him. Then he does a pretty good job.