Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011

Dear Eisley,

This year was fabulous, but you probably won't remember the best moments as you're only 2. Please enjoy this video/slide-show of some of my favorite moments {set to a Flogging Molly song, oh my!}:

P.S. You are beautiful.
P.P.S. Next year you'll have to share the spotlight.


  1. You sure know how to make your husband tear up...

  2. That was beautiful! What A lovely tribute to lovely Eisley! I hope you can preserve it for the far future as who knows what kind of media she'll use to view it when she is grown. Love the colors too! Ever consider a career in video? Love Dad.

  3. That was absolutely *precious*!!! However, as with Justin, it brought a tear to my eye (I guess the music made it sort of bittersweet, ya know?)
    I hope you keep making these videos, because we all enjoy them so much, and what a treasure for our darling Eisley to review in years to come!
    I love you all SO MUCH, and may God bless you with His peace in 2011.
    Grandma (Jan)