Friday, March 25, 2011

We're moving!

We're moving!!!

Not physically, no, we just signed on another year of our lease here actually and will soon be enjoying the 50,000 irises that bloom in our yard once again... they're already peeping up...

But what I really mean is, I'm moving this blog over to a new URL, with a new name and everything.

See, the whole, "heatherispreggers" part of this URL has embarrassed me for a while now. What was I thinking when I created this blog???

Plus, as of 4 weeks ago I'm not "preggers" anymore. {Honestly I've never even liked the slang "preggers"... why do I do these things to myself? Why?}

But don't worry - all the old posts, comments, and labels will still be viewable at the new blog. Everything has moved!

So, go check out the new digs - I'll explain what the new name means over there. AND I will finally be adding that birth video now that the new computer is here - Violet had the cutest little first cry, you must watch.

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