Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do we *really* need anymore Aidens in this world???

I guess my job makes me super sensitive to the most common names. There are those days where I have 5 or 6 Jacksons or Olivias. But you know how many Jennifers we have in this world? Think of all the stars: Jennifer GARNER, LOPEZ, LOVE-HEWITT, CONNOLLY, ANNISTON, and ALL those Jennifers in your graduating high school class (if you were born in the late 70s or 80s). Really? Do we need anymore Jennifers?

So I took a look at the top baby name list for 2007. For boys, the top names were:
Aiden, Braeden, and Caden. Jayden was #7, but in '06 it was #4! COME ON PEOPLE! For girls, of course, the top names include Ava, Abby, Madison, and Emma.

I LIKE all those names! They're nice names! But when 75% of the population has that name, and because of the fact that I grew up Heather E. my entire life, I just can't bring myself to name my kids that. And to be quite honest, I admit it's not my business what you name your kids. But I *wish* there weren't SO MANY Emmas.

Can't we get a little more creative people? And so if you're wondering why I picked "different" sounding names -- you should be thanking me for not naming my kid Emma or Aiden!

Eisley will do quite nicely, I should think. It's not even in any baby names books.

On a final note to my rant. Let me just put this our there for all the pregnant women in the world! Be nice to us! Be considerate and realize that we're really not "normal" people during our pregnancies. I'm specifically sending this plea out to the mom at work last week who sat her DISGUSTINGLY POOPY DIAPER CHILD down in my chair and declared, "Oh! You're pretty stinky! Oh well, we'll change you after your haircut." THANKS for depriving me of oxygen for about 15 minutes there lady! But hey, pregnant women don't need to breathe, do they??? Hopefully my baby didn't suffer brain damage because I was trying not to use my super-human-pregnancy-smelling abilities on your child's fecal matter smell while cutting your little stink bomb's hair!

Okay. Again, I know it's a rant. But I kinda miss the "lost art" of child rearing that involves NOT presenting your children with snotty nosed, peanut-butter and jelly faces and poopy diapers to strangers. What?! You mean, not *everyone* automatically thinks your child is the adorable angel that you do? Imagine that!

I can't wait to be a mom. Lol.

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