Thursday, April 24, 2008


And let me clarify- NOT my husband. He's no jerk. In fact, every pregnant woman should have a Justin.

But since getting pregnant I've been talking a lot of my pregnancy message boards and women at work about their pregnancies and let me tell you...

there's a lot of jerks out there! I see them at work too, and hear about them. Families will come in on Saturdays and for some reason, little Timmy is screaming his head off thrashing around. Mom and I have him in a headlock, trying desperately to give him a good haircut. Where is dad? Glaring at us from the front of the salon or nearby and asking his wife why she "can't keep him calm?"

The women on my online forums talk about their husbands all the time: bitching over the pregnant wife taking up more room on the bed, going to strip clubs cause their wives aren't sexy anymore, complaining about the preggos not doing housework anymore and "Why are you so lazy?" (Uh, do you mean exhausted from growing your baby?) And yet what do they do when THEY feel sick? They become BIG FAT CRYING BABIES!

Where do these men get off shouting orders, making demands, and complaining from the sidelines while their wives do all the work of being pregnant! And it IS work.

And why do the women put up with it? I think it's no secret, I wasn't raised to put up with crap from men. And luckily it's not ever an issue with Justin.

He's actually the other extreme: reads my pregnancy books, constantly asks if he can get me anything, never complains about how I end up taking up 3/4 of the bed with my body pillow... Yes, he's doting, but doesn't the pregnant woman deserve it? It's one of the first pieces of advice I got from anyone after getting pregnant: LET people pamper you! It'll be the last time, since for the next 18 years you'll be doing the pampering.

Stupid jerk husbands [excluding Justin]... no respect for the work it took to bring them and their children into this world...

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  1. I totally agree. There are some seriously ass hole husbands out there who think women are there to take care of them and don't deserve the same jesture. Thank God for Justin! ;)