Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yay! Finally a digital camera

Can you believe we've never bought a nice digital camera? Well, until now. We both had them on our phones. But you know what horrible pictures those can take. So thanks to a few birthday gift cards (thanks mom and dad, bea, and J!) I was finally able to get one. And it's a really nice one too. It's plum colored.

Every parent needs a digital camera! Now we can take lots of pictures of Little Miss Eisley. As soon as we got home and the battery finished charging, I started snapping pictures of our "fur kids".

Unfortunately, Luna refused to let me get a serious picture of her - always goofing off that one:

And that encouraged the other fur kids to deny us any decent pictures of them! Oh they thought they were SOOO funny:

They better not teach Eisley that...

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