Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eisley's FIRST Birthday Party!

We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Here's my very unorganized photos from the party - check out my Lark & Lola blog to see the decorating/theme pictures.
Daddy opening presents, Eisley still working on cake.
Pappa & Eisley
Grandma Sander & Eisley.
Eisley dressed as "Alice" - thanks to Justin's mom who made the dress.
Jama & Eisley. Grandma Holly gave Eisley an Alice bear.

1 year old Eisley nearly the same size as 3 month old cousin Noah!
My first marshmallow fondant cake!

Cousin Indy.
Godmother Angela & BFF Mara.
I love this picture. Focus of adults attention: Eisley. Focus of kids attention: CAKE.

Us with Eisley's Godparents & BFF.
Party favors!
Maybe I'll post more later. I've been sitting here sorting pics for over an hour... blah.

Don't forget to check out the Alice in Wonderland theme pictures on my "OTHER BLOG".


  1. It was a beautiful party. I had fun and the girls had a blast. Happy Birthday, Eisley!

  2. Looks like it was a great time! About the earwig wikipedia fact... Mike got pinched by one in bed last week! So... I'm not sure why wikipedia said they don't pinch humans.

  3. What?! Yes wikipedia said they can't pinch... weird.

    I'm embarrassed to say we have a bit of a problem all of a sudden. I think they hitched a ride in my bag from my parents house, cause I saw one in there when we were at my parents and we never used to have them. But the other day I was vacuuming, and like 6 of them came running out from under my phonograph! I flipped out and vacuumed them up. Later, I found one behind the glass of a framed picture on my pantry door. What the heck???