Sunday, August 2, 2009


The final week of babyhood has begun. I have no choice but to realize and accept that Eisley is about to turn into a toddler. I found myself wandering through her "baby box" today.

When she was born I started a little box for her. In it you will find her first shoes, an envloped stuffed full with ultrasound pics, extra birth announcements, growth charts, baby shower & baptism cards, hospital wristbands. Yes, I'm sentimental. So sentimental, in fact, that -
YEP. Couldn't ever bring myself to toss this, it lives in the box, too. The first sign of Eisley. {Notice how I don't say "the fetus", all you pro-choicers out there. Tsk tsk. That pink line was a sign of my baby girl.} That pink line was just barely there... {and I don't care if you think I'm psycho for keeping it!}

And now she's here. And huge. Well, to us. This kiddo is currently weighing into just the 5th percentile. I swear we feed her! She's just our peanut.
Still a peanut. But almost not a baby anymore :-(
As if mourning the loss of my infant and accepting that she's practically a toddler isn't enough, I also have to mourn the loss of all the adorable clothes she's worn this year. They will go into storage. If another girl comes to be then she will wear them. If not, they will some day end up in Goodwill, I suppose. :::tear:::
Finally - as if all this wasn't bad enough, she's practically got a mouth full of teeth now to rub it in with!
{In fact, just this last hour - poor sweet Eisley fell, hit her mouth and sliced open her bottom lip with her newfangled teeth! She gasped in so long and hard for air that she started to turn blue, I kid you not, while her teeth turned red - now covered in blood! Just about when I thought she was going to pass out, she caught her breath, the scream-fest commenced... and she proceeded to pee all over me. (We were air drying to soothe a bad diaper rash after her last change and wouldn't ya know...) I'm relieved to report that some coddling, a fresh dry diaper, bottle, and pacifier later she is now happily napping.}
Okay, so honestly, I'm not really mourning. I'm okay with it. It's bittersweet. I'm so looking forward to all the fun times ahead. And giving her first birthday presents!


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