Friday, October 23, 2009

The House Elf


Why can't we keep up with the laundry? The piles just keep growing.

Why do the dishes never seem clean anymore? There's never a clean cup when we need a drink.

Why are Eisley's toys always strewn throughout our living spaces? Tripping us in the middle of the night if we get out of bed...

There's been a lot of extra mysterious messes around here lately.

It's the strangest thing. We clean. And then the very second we turn our backs, the room is messy again. It's... well, disturbing.

In fact, I'm beginning to suspect our home is infested.

With a house elf.

And I even think I caught it on camera the other day. Making a mess.

So tell me what you think, could this be a photo of the little elf, in my crafting room where a mess suddenly appeared out of nowhere the other day? The reason why we can't keep anything clean anymore???

Do you see it, or are we just going crazy?

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