Saturday, October 31, 2009

{Halloween 2009}

Doesn't Eisley look like such a child in this picture?
Anyway, second Halloween so we deaded (ha!) to...
to Gaylord Street! This is special to me because I went to this when I was a child.

Eisley was Alice. As in Wonderland. Because of her birthday. Some people this week guessed Dorothy. As in Oz. Obviously they aren't aware that Dorothy had ruby slippers. Alice had black shoes. You know?
It is so lovely to hear people oooh and aww over your baby. Makes me blush. 'Cause, well, she's my best craft project to date.Here is Eisley and Daddy trick or treating at one of the Gaylord Street shops.

And just down the street is the house I lived in as a child. So we had to visit. Unfortunately no one was home to hand out candy.
When we got home safe and sound, little Alice...
checked in on her loot.
Now that childhood is over for us, it is SO MUCH FUN to
live vicariously
through your children. What joy.

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  1. So cute! Love her little outfit, very very sweet.

    Snow in the pictures? Wow, it [was] only October!

  2. I must say I look forward to Erickson family pictures on Halloween. I anticipate the annual Gaylord trip with much excitement. I have seen Ayla, Indy, and even Miss Eisley grow up before my beginning-to-wrinkle-just-ever-so-slightly eyes. They are all such beautiful girls. Really, they are. I hope to someday join the ranks of paraders and perhaps join you in the oohing and ahhing and blushing. I insist we all have pumpkin pancakes at Devils Food because they are so good I almost wept!

  3. What is Devils Food? Why did Eisley get more kitkats to steal than Ayla and Indy combined? Is it Christmas now? Where am I??? What is happening. . . ?

  4. Devil's Food is a little coffee/food shop on Gaylord, see it behind me in that picture of me in my red coat?
    Yes, it is Christmastime. I officially declared it starting on Nov 1 due to the snow and widespread need for cheer. Please plan festivities accordingly and starting... NOW.