Monday, November 26, 2007

Boy vs Girl

We get asked this question almost as often as the "when are you going to have kids?" question. Would we preger a boy or a girl???

Here's the deal:
We have three nieces and zero nephews, meaning it would be nice if we had the first boy in the family. Justin and I like that idea. However, we're not sure we're really "boy parents" either. Justin has always done better with girl friends than guy friends and I'm a total girly girl who wants daughters I can plan dress up doll with.
Of course I won't mind if our first is a boy, BUT I will freak out if our second is a boy... and the third... and so on and so forth. I'm terrified of trying for that girl and never getting it! I wouldn't mind A boy but four or five of them? Pass the prozac please.

But I'm a believer in that God gives you what will be right for you and I think either he realizes my non-abilities to handle multiple little boy terrors or He knows I'll actually do alright.

If it was between the two: all boys or all girls, Justin and I would absolutely pick all girls. Six of them is fine, if they're all girls.

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