Friday, November 30, 2007

7 Days Past Ovulation

Well there's no going back now, if my body decides to get pregnant then I'm going to get pregnant. If you didn't read the warning up top, then I'll tell you now: this blog is not for the faint of heart! If you don't want to know the details that might be TMI, then stop reading :)

Implantation could occur anytime from yesterday to 5 days from now or so- if fertilization has occured. No real symptoms yet, although one of my breasts had a weird ache in it earlier, and I'm having twitches in my lower abdomen again- but that happened last month too.

One of my co-workers is crocheting a baby blanket for her sister, who is 12 weeks pg. Watching her crochet this week has made me realize how much I liked doing it in college. I only made scarves back then. So I decided to take it up again and am making a baby blanket. If I don't get pregnant, I have a few PG friends I could give it too. But I'm having fun doing it. I worked on it this morning and then left it on my dining room table. A few minutes ago Spice came up and starting loving it, kneading it and purring. So cute... I just had to snap a photo.

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