Friday, December 7, 2007

More Symptoms & Baby Dreams

I still haven't missed my first period yet, but I just know I'm pregnant. It's obvious.
My symptoms include:

  • light twitchy cramps on and off all day
  • heartburn in the middle of the night
  • weepiness alternated with intense feelings of joy
  • exhaustion
  • tender breasts
  • frequent urination (especially in the middle of the night)
  • gas! oh my gosh, the gas! Luckily last night Justin was gassy with me and it made me not feel so bad

Another "symptom" that has started that really is in my head are the baby dreams. Last night I had a dream that my mother threw me a really crappy baby shower and made no apologies for the fact that I didn't get any gifts (not that I'm greedy, it just translated to: I have nothing for the baby! what am I going to do?!) And the baby, a little boy- very cute and tiny- had just been born. No one in the family seemed to care about him but me. Ugh, I hate dreams that make me wake up feeling negative towards people. I'm wishing for some positive baby dreams, but from what I hear, they're rare due to the anxiety and stress of becoming a mother.

Well, this weekend will be a milestone for me, as long as I don't get my period! Stay away Aunt Flo!

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