Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Telling People

Back in the day they used to say, wait until you're past your first trimester to tell people! Because the risk of miscarriage was so high. But I'm going ahead and telling before then because even if a miscarriage does occur, God forbid, I wouldn't want to keep that a dark secret of ours or anything.

Telling people, however, has been bittersweet. Some have been easy, some have been hard. Mom told my dad, which was probably for the better, it took the pressure off. I told the ladies at my work, so if anything *does* happen, they'll know.

But it still feels unreal.

We're planning on telling Justin's family when everyone is here for Christmas. We think it will be best to tell them all at once. Nonetheless, it's hard to wait.

I'm not even sure if Justin has told his work yet. Which reminds me, Justin gets 3 weeks paid vacation next year! We're thinking he'll probably take two off right when the baby comes, and maybe the third around Christmas? There's really not any trips we'll be going on this next year. We've been invited out for Justin's grandma's 90th birthday party in South Dakota in June. But, at that point I'll be 7 months pregnant. There's no way I'd spend that long in a car (pregnant women have to get out every hour to stretch their legs) and to fly there I'd have to have a perfect, extremely low-risk pregnancy for the doctor to allow it at that point. So unfortunately, we're probably going to have to stay home.

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