Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Months Old

Eisley is 5 Months old today. As I sit here writing this, she is rocking around in her exersaucer happily, chatting to herself. Also, right this second my c-section scar is itching. It's been doing that lately.

When daddy left ten minutes ago for work, he knelt down to say goodbye to his daughter. As soon as his face came into view she thrashed excitedly and grinned wide. At the post office yesterday (sending off my very first etsy sale- woo hoo!) Eisley was giving out free smiles - big, enthusiastic ones - to everyone in line. She is a smiley little thing!

Just last night we were talking about how it's already hard to remember her being so little, like she was when she was born. How strange it was in the hospital, taking care of this new little creature. We didn't really know much about her at that point. We didn't know she'd be a smiley baby, that she would love baths but hate being pulled out of them, or that she would love to stand all day and march on her feet. We still have so much to learn about her...


  1. Ah, I remember the days when Eisley and the cousins used to run barefoot in the backyard together, playing make believe. . . when they actually WANTED our company...when they used to let us pick out their clothes and braid their hair and they'd ask us about things, and want to be tucked in at night....

    Oh wait! All those times are still to come!


  2. Well I *said* it was SAPPY didn't I???

    Next sentimental slideshow will be paired with a more upbeat song...

  3. H, you are so blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy little girl. Just looking at her I can tell how loved she is. I loved your slide show. Cute little butt she has!