Monday, January 19, 2009

{ Things We Did This Week }

See, the problem here is that I can never pick just one thing to blog about. Thus, the photo montage. Here are some of the past week's 'appenings (that's my Cockney accent).
{ Blue toe nail pedicures on little feet }
{Learning to fly with daddy. }
{Big Love came back to us! And what a great season premier it was. Or "twas"... }

{ Eisley's dollhouse - more to come on this topic soon - was officially started with the finishing of Eisley's first China hutch. }

{ Okay, don't laugh. I'm the creative sort and one of my favorite mediums is makeup. So one day last week during a particularly long nap Eisley was taking I got bored and with the house clean and errands all done I played with my makeup. Yes, I play with makeup. Ever since I was a little girl, and I love stage makeup. This week I channeled Marie Antoinette. Powdered hair, Cupid's bow lips, two birthmarks: the works. T'was fun. And yes, I'm a nerd. }

{ Hand crafted 38 baby shower invitations and got those sent. }

{ Eisley and I got a last minute photo shoot from dad/Justin. }
Other events for which there are not pictures include today's free day at the zoo. It was so crowded I wish we'd gone on a non-free day and paid for a less crowded zoo.

My friend from waaay back in the high school days, Cyndi, came to visit us. It was fun, but I accidentally spit on her, and I'm sad to say it wasn't the first time in the last month I've accidentally spit my drink on her... apparently Cyndi makes it hard for me to keep my mouth shut when drinking.

And finally, there was a night of Rock Band 2 at Eisley's godparents house. She loves to hear me sing "Eye of the Tiger"...


  1. You watch Big Love!!!!!
    I loved that show. I only watched the first season though and then I didn't have HBO anymore....

    And then I saw a commercial about it the other day and was reminded of those days. How come we didn't talk more when you were at PLU we have so much in common!

  2. Love the blue toes and why is that picture of you and Eis so beauteous? Also: Can you do me up as Marie A. for Halloween?

    Also: Why not me, Rock Band 2??

  3. Yes! I would love to make you up like Marie Antoinette! We should all be Marie for Halloween...

  4. You are NOT a nerd for making yourself up you truly are lovely.