Thursday, January 29, 2009

{ Frustrations }

I'm fairly certain that picture gets the award for best picture of Eisley ever taken. We got that hat at the mall the other day, at the most adorable kids store, Janie & Jack. It was on clearance for $5 and Eisley and I decided we had to have it.

Today that photo is cheering me up. I'm frustrated. Lots of little things.

I'm frustrated that Eisley has inherited her daddy's eye problems, because we were so hoping she'd get my genes on this area. We took her to the eye doctor yesterday morning. He confirmed our suspicions. Eisley has accommodative esotropia. Basically, she's farsighted to such an extent that her eyes "over focus", causing them to cross sometimes. It annoys me, even though I know it's not that big of a deal, glasses will eradicate the problem when she starts wearing them just like it has for Justin. But as a mom, I just don't want my baby to have to deal with anything like this. The logical mom in me knows it's impossible to provide this for our children and that no one is perfect, but you can't help but want the best for your child. It's a mom thing, I'm sure you understand if you are one...

I'm also a little frustrated because my oatmeal decided to try and escape from the bowl while it was being microwaved this morning. Grr...

And I'm frustrated because I've been sleep deprived lately. That never makes for a happy Heather. But this is my own fault because I stay up late trying to get things done.

Eisley gets frustrated sometimes too:

Eisley Frustrated

If you're having a bad day, just scroll back up to that adorable photo of my girl. It's quite cheery.


  1. That daughter of mine better stop being cute. Also, I hate when oatmeal gets a mind of its own!

  2. Hang in there H... You work harder than I do most days and I am sure that counts for something...

  3. Thanks Meghan :) I doubt that's true though...

    She *is* dapper, Bea! She is!

  4. I *warned* you about the oatmeal in the Anthro bowl when the *same thing* happened to *me* a couple weeks ago! You should listen to your Mother!!!

  5. That picture is so cute of Eisley! I hear you on the bad day - same for me! It get's better, it really does :)