Thursday, January 17, 2008

All signs point to BOY

Baby Gender Predictor
Baby Gender Predictor

I'm not trying to predict my baby's sex or say, "I think it's a boy!" I really have no idea. But I am interested by the fact that so far, all signs point to a boy.

I kinda roll my eyes at people who say things like, "Girls run in my family." or "I just know it's a boy. I just know." Because a lot of people I know who've had kids have ended up being wrong. Truth is, until you see little Mr. Winky -- or a lack of him -- you just never know. Although I do believe sometimes your body just knows. Maybe conciously you don't, but your body knows whether it's got testosterone running through it or not.

But here are the "boy signs" we've had so far:
- in all my baby dreams so far, it's been a boy
- the Chinese Lunar calendar predicts it to be a boy, by using my age and the month of conception
- I, without thinking, referred to the baby as "he" the other night
- the old wives tale predictor says I have a 60% chance of having a boy

Should I try the Drano method?

However, knowing life and the way it can surprise you, all that probably means I'm having a girl!

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  1. I was sure Moriah was a boy. All my dreams were about boys too. God has chosen this precious baby just for you guys. He knows who needs to be in your family. Kind of a neat thought. :-)