Sunday, January 6, 2008

M/S.... where aaaarrreeee yoooouu???

Could I really be this lucky or is my body playing a cruel trick on me? Morning sickness hasn't reared it's ugly head in over 4 days. That's a good thing, I guess. It's so stupid how the pregnancy symptoms can suck so much, but when they go away I worry a little bit - is something wrong? But I don't think so because I still feel like someone pushed bowling balls under my skin on my chest when I wake up in the morning. That's been fun.

Or maybe I've just figured out what works for me. Despite all the advice to drink ginger ale, eat crackers, drink leomonade (made me throw up), eat even when nauseous, etc. maybe I ended up finding my own weapon against morning sickness. Lately, to avoid waking up with an empty stomach (which can bring on the nausea) I've been eating in the middle of the night. I've started waking up with hunger pangs around 3am, so to quell those I've taken to drinking a glass of milk and eating a quick snack. Since I started that, coincidentally or not?, the morning sickness has disappeared. I also don't wake up hungry - I despise that sensation in the morning since I never feel like eating then anway. It seems to help. Although the morning sickness did help a little, hehe, as so far I've only lost weight during this pregnancy.

I still have food aversions. Don't you dare bring eggs and sausage around me! At work we share a building with Cheeburger Cheeburger and the smell of onion rings cooking at 10am has made me want to slaughter somebody. I wanted to storm over there and say, "Ya know, there are several pregnant women working here and your stinky food might cause us to throw up on customers! Could ya cut it out?!" (There are three of us at work who are pregnant! My poor boss...)

So, am I really so lucky to have been able to say "Tata!" to my morning sickness after only a couple weeks of it? Hopefully this lasts...

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! I wish I was there to see the bump grow! I wouldn't feel bad about having no energy. After all, something is living off you!