Friday, September 26, 2008

7 Weeks!

Eisley is 7 weeks old today! It's flown by. I know in just a heartbeat she's going to be turning 1...2...3... ugh. This sucks. Kids grow up too fast.

I'm addicted to, which I just discovered. Its so much fun, check out what I made:

On a serious note, someone's been using my debit card! I logged into our bank account tonite to see some suspicious online charges, several totaling about $40. Justin got worried and called the bank, and someone has my debit card info apparently and has been using my numbers! They will refund the charges and have canceled my card. But let this be a warning to all of you - keep close tabs on your bank account! These are small charges I might have overlooked!


  1. So cute! I love Scrapblog, too. I went to a scrap convention a couple weeks ago. They're getting ready to launch their publishing side -- great books and cards. Fun!

  2. Your scrapblog is adorable. I could never keep up with a second blog.

    I can't believe Eisley's almost two months!!