Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eisley's First September

I love September! It's such a lovely month, too bad it's drawing to and end. I have to show off some pictures of my lovely state, because I've heard out of towners exclaim "It's so brown here!" (usually in the winter, we have four seasons here), and yet, our state is nicknamed Colorful Colorado. Here's why, this is the sunset we saw from our back door last night (and we get lots of these sunsets, this is no rarity):

Here's a tree in Castle Rock starting to turn:

We call Eisley our "Piggy", and so this picture shall be named Pig in a Blanket:

She was sleeping so daintily the other day I had to snap a picture:

Last weekend we went out to Grandma Holly and Grandpa Jerry's land, their house has come a long way since I was last out there, before Eisley's birth. How fun that Eisley will get to visit her grandparents farm with the cows and horses.

This is Katie, Andy, and Eisley:

More beautiful CO, a view from the front porch of their new house:

A view from the back deck:

And another:

Here's the house, it's coming along quite nicely:

Before we left to run errands the other day, Eisley wanted me to take a picture of us. Here's me doing creepy puckered lips, Renee Zellweger style:

Eisley thinks she's too special to look at the camera:

I wanted to get a picture of Eisley's big beautiful blue eyes before they change more. Click on this one, it's worth enlarging:

One more week of September goodness and then we move on to October with birthdays galore and Halloween fun.

Cheers :)


  1. Oh gosh, SO cute! BTW your face looks really thin. You are looking so great!

  2. You have such a lovely baby! I love reading your blog! I hope you girls are up to a ton of fun today! Enjoy the last week of Sept.

  3. Beautiful baby and beautiful views!