Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eisley & her daddy

Eisley is just a couple days away from being 4 weeks old! Can you believe it!? I can't...

She's noticeably bigger, the day we went home from the hospital she was swimming in her "going home outfit". Now she's fitting into it perfectly, and I just know in another week or two it will be too small :(

I feel just about 100% back to normal, and my incision has healed very nicely. Before the c/s the doctors and nurses kept assuring me the scar would be small and not very noticeable. But I never cared. It's actually something I'm proud of. And I look at the paper thin, 5 inch line on my lower belly and am amazed that big baby came through there. It's a miracle what they can do these days. I think my OB has the coolest job. He gets to preform miracles all every day.

Here's a few pictures of Eisley sleeping with her daddy, aren't they cute???

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