Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Lighting of the Star

Us, tonite:
I love living in Castle Rock, because we're less than 20 minutes from Denver (I'm a city girl at heart), but we get all those small town benefits as well. Like tonite, to kick off the holiday season Castle Rock had the annual "Lighting of the Star".

See, Castle Rock is named after the butte in the middle of town, and during the holidays, we light up a big star on top it it. Santa does, in fact. It's a big party in downtown Castle Rock. We missed the lighting ceremony, because it was at 5pm, when Justin gets off work, but we strolled downtown when he got home. Here's some of the pictures I took tonite

Here's the star, off in the distance on the "Castle Rock".
One of my favorite stores, The Barn, was open for the festivities:

There was a string quartet playing The First Noel, it made for lovely ambiance:

The Castle Rock fire station held a free chili dinner, which I thought was a quaint small town touch:

Here's one of Castle Rock's most historic buildings, which is owned by the Castle Cafe:

Eisley slept the whole time, I tell you, her stroller is magical:


  1. Wow what a great event for a town to have! That star looks like its just hanging in the sky! Love it!

  2. yeah it's such a pretty holiday touch!