Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One-Hand Wonder

Here's why I'm getting really good at doing things with one hand. Including typing (I'm sure all moms get good at this, but I'm impressed by myself.)

I can also do laundry and dishes with one hand. I know, talent.

There's just nothing better at 12pm than a snoring, adorable baby clinging to your chest.

This morning this family got up and cuddled, smiled at each other (I know, that sounds totally and utterly corny, but if you woke up to a happy grinning baby everyday this would be your corny life, too.)

We went on a walk, with the dogs. When we got back, Eis was sleeping soundly so I tidied up the house, Justin made breakfast. He makes breakfast every morning these days, usually scrambled eggs with either toast or oatmeal. He says he loves cooking. Fine by me!

I'm so glad Justin doesn't go to work until 10am, especially since it gets dark so early these days. We have a few hours in the morning to do corny things like smile at each other and eat scrambled eggs.

And now, for the random pictures:

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Wow dishes with one hand! That amazes me! I'm not sure I will ever be able to do that! haha.

  2. Look at that gorgeous baby! Wow.

    Love the pics and the format. You are getting so very Nie on me, sister!

  3. A man who cooks? What? My husband is afraid of the kitchen - Lucky girl!

    Your baby is getting so big - Isn't it amazing how the change weekly, daily?

  4. Yes, I can't get over it. Almost everyday I look at her and am shocked by her size!

  5. What precious pictures. I remember cuddling with my newborns. I miss it. Sniff.

    You are SO right that mothers are one-hand wonders. We have to be in order to get life done.

    Take care and enjoy that little sweetie pie! She'll be a toddler before you know it.