Monday, February 16, 2009

{ Eisley's First Cold }

Poor Eisley has a cold :-( which is not cool. I hate seeing her sick and miserable, although I will admit to just one upside... her naps are more frequent and longer in duration. For the most part, she's still her cheerful self, just very sniffly and congested.

On Valentine's Day, Eisley and I decided a photo shoot was in order. I wanted some 6 month pictures of her and V-Day seemed like a good occasion. Justin had to work, unfortunately, so it was just the two of us. We headed off to Portrait Innovations, and I was very happy with the experience. Eisley is, however, an "easy shot" because the kiddo smiles so much.

We went to Sears for her Christmas pictures and I was not so happy with them, Portrait Innovations gives you so much more for your money and took a lot more time getting good shots. Here are the pictures I chose, out of the 50+ they took - the hardest decisions of my life practically to pick my favorites...
{ You probably already saw this first one in a previous post... }

And just for fun, I'm including a slideshow of *ALL* the pictures they took, this is more for the grandmas and daddy. It's over 4 mins and has lots of pictures...

Eisley's Valentine's Photo Shoot


  1. You forgot to add that Eisley generously gave her cold to her mom and dad.

  2. Eisley's smile is incredibly adorable!