Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flu Update

So far so good, it would seem, regarding our experience with the flu.

Eisley had a bit of a rough night yesterday - her fever spiking to 103.8 in the evening. I administered some Motrin and gave her a lukewarm bath to try and bring it down - about to call the doctor if it didn't budge. Thankfully it did, and she was at 99.5 within 15 minutes. We kept it under 101 the rest of the night, but when it was time to give her more Motrin in the middle of the night, she responded by projectile vomiting all over our bed. Poor thing! Her whole dinner came spewing out her nose and mouth at 50 mph. She was on her back, and if she hadn't been it would have hit the wall 5 feet away, I'm sure. It scared the crap out of me, so I called the doctor. She was also developing a nasty cough. This was at 1am.

Doctor said if she did it again, to take her to the ER (not as much for emergency reasons, but because that was the only place we could go at 1am) to have her checked for pneumonia. Thankfully, she didn't, and ate well again after that.

Justin got up at 7am this morning to get ready for work. I said, "No way, Jose! You need to stay home!" And when the doctor called later that morning to check on us, he concurred with me, Justin needed to stay home and out of public. We concurred, the physician and I.

I am fine. Just tired. Either the Tamiflu is doing it's job or I just haven't contracted the flu at all. I assume the former. That stuff is so pricey, it'd *better* do it's job! {Insert threatening shaking of fist.}

Hopefully this will be behind us in a day or two. We have tickets to The Phantom of the Opera on Saturday {Christmas gift from Peter and Angela} so we're so thankful it will be gone by then. Doctor said it would be at least.

Thanks for any prayers on our behalf. Eisley seems to be weathering the storm well, she's even been smiley and playful a little bit today. But mostly just sleeping.

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  1. Awww poor Eisley! Sounds like both Justin and Eisley are lucky to have you as their caretaker. And you're lucky to have gotten on the Tamiflu before you started experiencing symptoms.

    Enjoy the show on Saturday! Sounds like a lot of fun.